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Principles of automation of workflow

In this article, we will consider what is the systems of workflow automation, how they differ from the systems used in other branches and what advantages of work in them will be noticed by performers.

The first the large enterprises numbering thousands of employees began to think of the need for the creation of the special software for business process management in the company. Tasks, reports, contracts – a set of documents which have to be created, coordinated and sent to certain terms. It is difficult for a person to follow that everything has been made in time, and the computer perfectly copes with this task. Thus, the main problem which has defined the emergence of the workflow automation is that we create so much information that we can’t control it. For this reason, there are basic principles of work of any CRM which allow helping the user to control information:

The single registration of the document allowing to identify unambiguously it.

The possibility of parallel performance of operations allowing to reduce the time of the movement of documents and increase in efficiency of their execution.

The continuity of the movement of the document allowing to identify responsible for tasks in any process.
Uniform (or coordinated distributed) base of document information allowing to exclude a possibility of duplication of documents.

The effectively organized system of the search of the document allowing to find him, possessing the minimum information on him.

The developed system of the reporting under various statuses and attributes of documents allowing to control their movement on processes of document flow and to make administrative decisions, based on data from reports.

These principles are carried out by the majority of systems of both usual, and technical document flow.
Besides, the question of availability of system outside the enterprise is even more often brought up recently. Many systems allow working via the web interface with a possibility of access from any device by means of the web browser. Also, developers try to realize a possibility of viewing of files the system.
At this moment we face the main difference between the design companies: files of tasks represent drawings, but not official documents. To understand why it is important, we will present to GIPA which has to agree on a certain drawing. When using the GIP special system will open a task, will open the enclosed document and will make the decision on coordination.

The Right Methods for the Proper Internet Marketing Now

A successful e-commerce website or, in other words, an online store depends on well-conducted optimization related to SEO and online marketing. Tasks for optimizers and marketers are not easy at all. A comprehensive approach is required that includes techniques and methods to improve website ranking in search engine results, optimize site visitors, and actively use all possible channels to promote the web store and brand. The basic idea is to find effective ways to boost sales and raise conversion levels.

There are a myriad of online marketing techniques that can improve the marketing presence of the web store on the web. Get to know a few basic groups of techniques that are easy to apply and stand out with great efficiency.

Link Structure

  • Use the so-called SEO friendly URLs that contain the important keywords in each product category.
  • Choose categories carefully and use woody structure.
  • Prefer the “” URL structure in front of “” structure if you create a lot of categorization. Otherwise, the second may cause problems with duplicate content.
  • Use links to link directly from the homepage to the best-selling products.
  • Avoid duplicate content and the use of canonical URLs. Do not use multiple landing pages for products with minimal differences like color, size, and more.
  • Remove all broken links using the Link Structure Tool.

On-Site Optimization

  • Pre-search for keywords to find out what people are looking for your products.
  • Use targeted, captivating and unique page titles.

For product descriptions and page titles, use singular words instead of multicast – for example, tablet instead of tablets. It is always useful to keep track of the latest trends in the area in which you are developing a business and to follow the descriptions according to them. For the perfect Internet Marketing this is essential.

It is recommended that you do not use the product descriptions as presented by the manufacturer because you risk duplicating content. Try to write useful, interesting and reliable descriptions of the products. The more uniqueis the better.

  • Optimize the pages for targeted keywords and check the rank of each keyword tool such as Keyword Analyzer or Rank Tracker.
  • Do not create pages with unnecessary content to avoid punishment from Google’s Panda.
  • Create engaging SERP slots to increase CTR.
  • Use to determine product details and pricing.
  • Update content often and keep it fresh and unique.
  • Optimize page images to increase the traffic you receive from Image Search.

Link building

Use targeted anchor text using the keywords that appear in the title of each product category.Analyze link-building campaigns for your competitors and try to get links from the same high-quality resources.Use text hyperlinks to link products and categories.Build links that lead directly to product landing pages and do not focus all your efforts to build the links on the home page.
For additional information, see what Andy Drinkwater has to offer over at iQ SEO. He normally has new articles going up monthly, so worth taking a look at.